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Earthquake 3.5 Truck 1/8 Scale Nitro
  • Earthquake 3.5 Truck 1/8 Scale Nitro


    1/8 Scale Nitro Monster Truck - Red

    • Overview

      The 1/8 scale Earthquake 3.5 delivers BIG BLOCK power at a little block price. Part of the Redcat UltraLite Series, the Earthquake 3.5 is ready to run and ready for fun.

      The 3.5cc .21 big block engine provides earth shaking power and lightning fast acceleration! A specially designed composite disc brake stops this monster with authority.

      The Earthquake 3.5 4x4 monster truck is the bashers dream with 2 sealed differentials, adjustable suspension, oil filled adjustable shocks, powerful engine, and 2 speed automatic transmission.

      Thanks to the 2 speed automatic transmission, the Earthquake 3.5 has low end power for wheelie popping fun and second gear offers a whole new level of excitement at blistering high speeds.

      The automatic transmission’s shift point is adjustable so you can tune shifting characteristics to your liking.

      The Earthquake 3.5 is ready to run, after following proper break in procedures, and includes a 2.4GHz radio for solid control.

      The aggressive monster truck tires scream “natural disaster”! These meats are made to tear up the terrain while offering great wear characteristics. There’s no need to go around when you can drive over with the Earthquake 3.5 4x4 Nitro powered Monster Truck!

    • Tech Specs

      Motor Type: Nitro 3.5cc. .21 

      Transmission: 2-Speed

      Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive

      Length: 510mm

      Width: 380mm

      Height: 250mm

      Wheelbase: 325mm

      Ground Clearance: 58mm

      Fuel Tank Capacity: 125cc

      Chassis Type: 3.0mm 6061 Aluminum

      Brake Type: Composite Disc

      Shocks: Oil Filled Big Bore Shocks

      Radio System: 2.4GHz Radio System

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