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Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric
  • Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric


    1/10 Scale Electric Rock Crawler - Blue

    • Overview

      Get ready for the rock crunching, boulder stomping, stone slamming Rockslide RS10, 1/10th scale rock crawler! Challenge the laws of gravity with one of the most popular vehicles in the Redcat lineup, the ready-to-run Rockslide RS10 rock crawler.

      Complete with front & rear multi-link suspension, front and rear transmission, two high-torque electric brushed motors, crawler specific ESC, and multi-select 4 wheel steering, the Rockslide RS10 is ready to climb.

      Stop guessing how much brake to apply to stay on that slope! With the Rockslide RS10’s crawler specific electronic speed controller, It applies the brake for you with exactly enough force to keep the Rockslide still, even on the toughest climbs.

      4-mode 4 wheel steering is easily accessible with the touch of a button. Switch steering modes on-the-fly for front wheel steering, rear wheel steering, four wheel steering, and four wheel crab steering. Steer your way through all obstacles with quick mode, on-the-fly steering!

      Weighted bead-lock rims ensure the tires remain firmly mounted while navigating the most difficult obstacle courses. Quickly changing tread patterns is a breeze with Redcat's bead-lock rims.

      Aggressive bead-lock rock crawling tires, four aluminum capped oil filled shocks, complete ball bearings throughout, and a three channel 2.4GHz Radio all make this 4X4X4 super crawler more than ready to navigate the most extreme terrain!

      This ready to run rock crawler is complete with rechargeable battery, mounted low on the chassis for performance, battery charger, and 3 channel 2.4GHZ radio system. The Rockslide RS10 has proven to be one of the best values in the rock crawler market today!

    • Tech Specs

      Motor Type: Electric Brushed

      Transmission: Forward and Reverse With 4-Wheel Steering

      Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive

      Length: 445mm

      Width: 268mm

      Height: 148mm

      Wheelbase: 315mm

      Chassis Type: Aluminum

      Shocks: Aluminum Capped Oil Filled

      Speed Control: Crawler Type Auto Hill Braking

      Battery: 7.2v 1800mAh Included with Charger

      Radio System: 2.4GHz 3 Channel

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