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Sandstorm Baja Buggy 1/10 Scale Electric
  • Sandstorm Baja Buggy 1/10 Scale Electric


    1/10 Scale Electric Baja Buggy - Blue

    • Overview

      Much engineering and preparation must be taken if a vehicle is to survive the treacherous Baja. A place where water is scarce and memories are plentiful. A place where you can reach the limits of any vehicle. A place where engines roar and dust flies. Where vehicles fly by and spectators are left standing in a sandstorm of what just was. Are you tough enough to endure the sandstorm?

      This Sandstorm is a bit less treacherous but beware, you may still end up with dirt in your teeth.

      Aggressive styling, hinged roll cage, and realistic cockpit, complete with driver and navigator, add realism to the Sandstorm Baja buggy.

      The lightweight plastic chassis is durable and holds the electric brushed motor with cooling fins, electronic speed controller, 2.4GHz receiver, and included rechargeable battery pack. The RTR Sandstorm also includes an easy to use battery charger.

      Aluminum capped oil filled shock and adjustable upper suspension arms empower drivers to tune the Sandstorm to their driving styles.

      Front and rear bumpers help protect the Sandstorm during collisions and the rear wing aids in traction.

      The 4WD Sandstorm buggy is a great vehicle for those venturing into hobby-grade RC or those wanting to start their own Baja

    • Tech Specs

      Motor Type: Electric Brushed

      Transmission: Forward and Reverse

      Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive

      Length: 400mm

      Width: 270mm

      Height: 165mm

      Wheelbase: 275mm

      Ground Clearance: 20mm

      Chassis Type: Plastic

      Shocks: Aluminum Capped Oil Filled

      Speed Control: Brushed ESC

      Battery: 7.2v 2000mAh NiMh & Charger Included

      Radio System: 2.4GHz Radio System

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